The Fish of Sweet Arrow Lake

These are the fish captured during the 1996 night electrofishing and 1997 trapnet surveys in Sweet Arrow Lake, Schuylkill County.
Scientific Name-- Common Name

Esox niger-- Chain Pickerel 

Esox lucius x masquinongy-- Tiger Muskellunge

Cyprinus carpio --Common Carp

Notemigonus crysoleucas --Golden Shiner

Catostomus commersoni-- White Sucker

Ameiurus natalis-- Yellow Bullhead

Ameiurus nebulosus --Brown Bullhead

Lepomis auritius-- Redbreast Sunfish

Lepomis gibbosus --Pumkinseed

Lepomis macrochirus-- Bluegill

Micropterus salmoides --Largemouth Bass

Pomoxis annularis-- White Crappie

Pomoxis nigromaculatus --Black Crappie

Perca flavescens --Yellow Perch

Management Comments and Recommendations are as follows:

"The largemouth bass fishery in Sweet Arrow Lake continues to provide a size structure and quality catch indices that compare favorably with most other Area 7 lakes, including those managed under Big Bass Regulations. Angler harvest does not appear to be the limiting facor in the Sweet Arrow largemouth bass population and growth rates are about equal to the state average. Largemouth bass as the principal predator species appears to be in balance with the panfish populations in the lake. All previous surveys of Sweet Arrow have commented on the stunted nature of panfish populations in the lake, but that condition has been charged with satisfactory numbers and size structures in the panfish populations. No change in management appears necessary or is recommended."

Specific Recommendations
1.) Continue to manage all species under conventional statewide regulations.
2.) Continue annual stocking of tiger muskellunge at 5/acre.

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